Particular As a fingerprint

Each property is given individual consideration. Through a process of in-depth research and discovery we identify each property's innate qualities.


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MATERIALSFine Touch of Luxury

Guided by our philosophy we seek to enhance the singular characteristics presented in each property that are as particular to it as a fingerprint.

START DATEMay 17th 2015
FINISH DATEOn progress

MATERIALSFine Touch of Luxury

We preserved the indigenous flora on the property and left large spaces between the buildings.

That’s our attitude towards space, our attitude towards life.

Unique gardening design by a renowned Chinse designer sets Jacaranda Gardens apart.

It combines special handicraft and traditional South East Asian inspiration with selected indigenous plants to create a perfect balance between design and nature, an evergreen botanical garden. In order to preserve the natural heritage of the property, we ceded enough space to leave the indigenous trees upstanding, the most unique that feature our development.  A testimony that nature comes first in our design considerations.

Jacaranda gardens is a design of Royalty, in the center of the city. Within a radius of 16 kilometers to Nairobi Central Business Center, accessibility becomes to work places and accessing Government services.

International and Local Curriculum Schools, Shopping malls, health care facilities and entertainment facilities are just within the reach of less than 15minutes drive.

MATERIALSFine Touch of Luxury

If you like modern life, love the outdoors, and want to enjoy an abundance of fresh air, then you are welcome to Jacaranda gardens.

At jacaranda gardens, residents are King. We are relentless in providing the facilities to maximize your satisfaction. Jacaranda gardens boasts a modern 1700sq meter club house that’s open for business.  There in you will find a relaxing yoga house, a well-equipped gym and a café that caters to all tastes. Get a splash in the 500sq meter swimming pool. The 8000sq meter shopping mall is a cozy and convenient way to shop, get entertained and relax with friends and family. A kindergarten and a school in the neighborhood is just what caps it all to give your loved ones the best start in the life.


Interior of volumes, space, air, proportion, with certain light and mood. These interiors are meant to last forever.

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