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About Jacaranda


“If there is a state where the soul can find a resting-place secure enough to establish itself and concentrate its entire being there, with no need to remember the past or reach into the future, where time is nothing to it, where the present runs on indefinitely but this duration goes unnoticed, with no sign of the passing of time, and no other feeling of deprivation or enjoyment, pleasure or pain, desire or fear than the simple feeling of existence, a feeling that fills our soul entirely, as long as this state lasts, we can call ourselves happy.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

A dream residential development from SIETCO.

Architecture in harmony with nature, for those who appreciate good living.

Jacaranda Gardens is a development of SIETCO. For over 30 years SIETCO has established itself firmly as a fast growing, recognized urban development company in East Africa with a focus on scenic location, functional aesthetic design, communal living and employing internationally accepted technologies.

Why Jacaranda Gardens?

  • Enjoy prosperity and tranquility
  • Explore more possibilities in city life
  • Be one with Nature

You aspire to live a relaxing life, with adequate, secure and elegant provisions and surroundings to allow you to dream big and let your imagination soar. However, the stresses of modern living can interrupt the tranquil family structure. This makes it desirable to find a place that provides a base for our careers to blossom yet also for us to enjoy life with our family.

Located on Kamiti road just a 5min drive off Thika super highway, Jacaranda Gardens is only 30min from JKIA and 15min from the Nairobi CBD. The convenience is unmatched. It’s a home in the city.

The compound is located in a fast growing, well planned zone that enjoys numerous government initiated developments that go a long way in making it a futuristic investment and the best value for your money. It’s a plush, middle class neighborhood with a serene, homely environment, a supermarket, many eateries, educational institutions and universities and healthcare facilities.


The best way to transform your surrounding is with a touch of love. Rather than replace nature, Jacaranda gardens blends in with it, creating a well planned environment, where structures are one with nature. We feature lush gardens and expansive well tended grass lawns.

Jacaranda Gardens, designed from the international perspective, is the first big-scale garden apartment compound. The light-yellow external walls look elegant and romantic. When the walls are capped with red wavy roofs, the elegance of the design can be felt whenever you look at them.

The large space between every building brings the gentle sunshine and breeze indoors

If you like modern life, love the outdoors, and want to enjoy an abundance of fresh air, then you are welcome to Jacaranda Gardens

At Jacaranda Gardens, residents are King. We are relentless in providing the facilities to maximize your satisfaction. Jacaranda Gardens boasts a modern 1700sq meter clubhouse that’s open for business. There-in you will find a relaxing yoga house, a well-equipped gym and a café that caters to all tastes. Get a good splash in the 500sq meter swimming pool. The 8000sq meter shopping mall is a cozy and convenient way to shop, get entertained and relax with friends and family. A kindergarten and school in the neighborhood is a just what caps it all to give your loved ones the best start in life.

We preserved the indigenous flora on the property and left large open spaces between the buildings. That’s our attitude towards space, our attitude towards life.

Unique gardening design by a renowned Chinese garden designer sets Jacaranda Gardens apart. It combines special handicraft and traditional South East Asian inspiration with selected indigenous plants to create a perfect balance between design and nature, an evergreen botanical garden. In order to preserve the natural heritage of the property, we ceded enough space to leave the indigenous trees upstanding, the most unique feature of our developments. A testimony that nature comes first in our design considerations.


Like a knight by your side, we give you the best in security

This is the first intelligent security system in this region. We use One-Card system with perimeter precaution, access control systems and 24*7 infrared  HD closed-circuit monitoring system. We cooperate with G4S, an internationally renowned security company, providing professional security personnel round the clock.

Take a pleasurable walk. Meet pleasant people. Enjoy the conversation and the scenery.

Take advantage of modern Sports and recreational facilities for better physical and mental health.


  •  Buildings with a sense of rhythm are like a harmonious tune.
  • Architectural elements have been employed for continuity and a sense of rhythmic order.
  • Give your family a beautiful, gratifying home.

The perfect product detail and scale, highly promote the quality of life and the living standard. Garden villa communities. There are two apartments per floor. We have introduced large aluminum alloy window frames, with ground push – pull type aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Our houses are a treasure, providing 180-190 ㎡ large areas of living. It’s set within a leafy surrounding in a large community with low density. The third phase of Jacaranda Gardens continues SIETCO’s legendary quality, creating the new chapter of living in Kenya.

“All great Human culture is generated by living” – Oswald Spengler